Entry positions to look for (shortest path to PM role)

Transition to Product Managers

Marketer / Sales
How to sell what has been built
Software Developer
How to build what is decided
Project Manager
Who and when to deliver
How to find data insights
Quality Specialist
How to test what’s been built
How to design a product idea
Classical PM
Define what and why to build and then deliver

  • PM at Uber Eats (Food uploading process)
  • Sr. PM at Amazon (Product page)
  • PM at some startup (A bit of everything)
Tech PM
Define what and why to build and then deliver in a tech-heavy, backend, or internal product

  • Tech PM in Uber (Maps search engine)
  • Tech PM in Amazon (AWS Storage)
  • Tech PM in Stripe (Tax Platform)
Data PM
Define what and why to build and then deliver in a data-heavy domain

  • PM in Google (G.Analytics Platform)
  • PM in Stripe (Payments Analytics pipelines)
  • PM in Flo ((A/B testing platform)
Define what and why to build and then deliver in the ML or AI domain

  • Sr. PM ML в Veriff (Passport Recognition)
  • PM в Amazon (Ranking Service)
  • PM в Netflix (Movie recommendation service)
Growth PM
Define what and why to do to grow the user base fast and deliver

  • Fresh startups which need to scale websites, increase subscriptions, paid users, etc.
Payments PM
Define what and why to build and then deliver in a FinTech domain

  • PM in Amazon (Credit Card Service)
  • Sr. PM in Shopify (Shop Payout Service)
  • PM in Stripe (Partial Payments Service)
Define what and why to build and then deliver in a UI-heavy product

  • PM UX in Airbnb (Apartment page)
  • Sr. PM UX in Miro (Board Experience)
  • PM UX in Figma (Designer Experience)
Growth Hacking PM in a startup working on a task/project (e.g., increase registrations or first purchase conversion) rather than a new product development.

  • It allows marketers to benefit from existing CustDev/JTBD and growth skills, which are critical for scaling the product.
  • They still need to boost the analytics, tech knowledge, and planning & strategy skills required to deliver their ideas.
  • Also, A/B testing skills are crucial for a Growth PM who must try ideas fast.
Tech PM in an infrastructural, backend, or internal product (e.g., an online shop monitoring system or a messaging infrastructure in a chatbot startup).

  • Developers naturally tick the tech and analytics requirements of PM roles, which are considered the most important in the infrastructural/backend domain.
  • Moreover, Tech PMs are still quite rare, so competition should be lower.
  • Tech PMs still need to have discovery skills to understand their internal customers, planning & strategy skills to become trusted leaders, and A/B testing experience to be able to experiment with backend features.
PM for concrete projects (for example, roll out in a new country or a new client integration).

PM DS in more data-focused teams (e.g., Experimenting Tool or Analytics Platform). Or PM in a goal-based project (e.g., increase user activations) where PM works not with a team but rather with a task across the whole company.

  • It allows analysts to immediately benefit from their knowledge in analytics, A/B testing, and ML, which are core for the PM DS role.
  • Since the PM DS role is still quite rare, competition should be lower.
  • Once the job is secured, a fresh PM DS should focus on discovery skills to build intuition of what customers need, planning & strategy, and tech knowledge to get things to production.
Junior PM in a startup or large company, especially for products with a clear definition of the end result (for example, “we need to create this particular page”).

Junior role in a UX-based product, where customer experience and UI must be absolutely seamless (e.g., a meditation app or Duolingo learning process).

Architecture/Microservices, APIs, SLIs/SLOs, Testing, Security
Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Roadmaps
Backlog Management, Sprint Planning, OKRs, Mission/Vision
Confidence Intervals, Test Hypotheses, Test Metrics, Statistical Power
Types of ML Problems, Feature Choice, Data Preparation, Model Performance, Running in Production
Initial Market Analysis, CustDev, Unit Economics, Jobs-to-be-Done, MVP
Metric Types, Funnels, Metric Tree, SQL, Tools MixPanel/Amplitude
Design, UX research, Prototyping
Current Role
Desirable Role

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