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Product Manager Hard Skills
PMs with tech skills lead complex products and are highly valued in the IT market.
To conduct experiments, it is not necessary to know statistics. You need to understand the basic principles of testing.
Machine learning is the most powerful trend transforming digital products today.
Tidy up all horizons: Short-term Backlog, Mid-term OKRs, Long-term Vision.
When developing an idea at an early stage, a PM must solve at least three tasks: estimate the market, study customer needs, and calculate the economics.
Practice working with real-life cases to gain confidence in analytics and metrics
Use SQL to work with data independently and manage Big Data projects in a global company.
Identify ML problems, communicate better with data scientists, develop your product efficiently.
What do our simulators look like?
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We trained over 2,500 PMs on various educational platforms and we’re happy to teach you everything we know!
  • Vladimir Kalmykov
    Lead Product Manager Platform Netherlands
    • PhD in Computer Science
    • 9 years in Product Management
    • One of the first Tech PMs at
    • Lead PM
    • Trained 2,000+ Tech PMs on Various Edu-Platforms
    • Tech for PMs
    • Product Strategy
  • Andrew Mende
    Senior Product Manager Data Netherlands
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • 11 years in Product Management
    • Launched products in Yandex (search verticals)
    • Trained 1,000+ PMs on Various Edu-Platforms
    • Analytics
    • A/B tests
    • ML for PMs
  • Alexander Povarov
    Senior Product Lead
    Wolt Estonia
    • PhD in Economics
    • 11 years in Product Management
    • Launched Request Money in Wise
    • Trained 1,000+ PMs on Various Edu-Platforms
    • Growth
    • Unit-Economy
    • Fintech
  • Konstantin Grabar
    Product Owner Data
    Flo Lithuania
    • 10 years in Product Management
    • Former Developer and Data Analyst
    • Created and Launched A/B test system in Flo
    • Data
    • A/B Tests
    • Platform Products
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