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Optimize your day for a better focus with help of science and practice. Personal training for the busiest product managers.
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For Lead, Group, CPO, Principal
One-on-one sessions with the mentor
ProductDo founders recommend
Alex Povarov
Lead Product Manager, Wolt (ex. Wise)
The breakthrough of the year is the habit of doing hyperfocus sessions.
At Wolt, I had a crazy number of meetings. On average, they took me about 8.6 hours a day! I have to admit, I didn't quite like it: I wanted to deal with strategy, but instead, I had to immerse into those meetings full of thick context and problems on a daily basis.
One and a half months of disciplined, focused work with my coach gave me time and brainpower to accomplish the first approach to the domain's vision, work out the new teams' structure, and define the roadmap for the next 6 months
Such an approach is a must for PMs and other people having heavy workloads.

Andrew Mende
Senior Product Manager, Booking.com
Senior product managers often suffer from a diffuse focus of attention. Our role forces us to fill the schedule with meetings, respond quickly, and constantly switch between different contexts. Hyperfocus gives you tools and techniques to take back control of your focus and put it where you can have the most impact.

Vladimir Kalmykov

Group Product Manager, Booking.com

With Hyperfocus structure and daily trainings, I understood how the flow works and how to get into it. Paradoxically, I started to deliver more projects with less fatigue at the end of the day. I definitely recommend it to busy managers and PMs who often say "I don't have time."

Artem Glebov
The training exceeded all expectations! For me, working with the focus of attention and the battle of operational / tactics / strategy priorities are eternal topics. The main bonus is that you do not need to squeeze the program into a tight schedule and increase the load. Quite the opposite: you create space for productive work on strategic and complex tasks. If you are the leader of a product team, you do not have enough time to systematically work on a strategy and complex tasks, then I recommend the program with confidence!

Mitya Shekhov
Lead Product Manager, Yandex

It was a great discovery for me that the use of simple practices that are easily integrated into everyday life can significantly increase your efficiency. It turns out that it is not difficult to stay in focus, despite the huge flow of information and incoming requests. Оказывается совсем не сложно оставаться в фокусе, несмотря на огромный поток информации и входящих запросов. At the end of the day, I felt like I'd made good progress and hadn't spent all my time on a product-managers treadmill

Hyperfocus will be useful if you are
CPO, Principal, Lead, Group Manager
Responsible for an important direction and/or other PMs.
Spending more than half a day in Slack or meetings
Have to communicate with stakeholders to move the domain forward.
Having focus slots but not productivity
Book focus slots in your calendar but don't feel it's efficient.

How does Hyperfocus work?
Hyperfocus is three weeks of everyday training sessions with your mentor.
The sessions are tailored to solve your problems.
In the end, you get a habit of working on the most important tasks for at least 90 minutes every day.
Every day you measure your focus with science-based questionnaires
You analize your results and find key growth points on daily 30 min stand-ups with your mentor
You get extra materials and a customized set of tools designed to fix your problem

Together with your mentor, you put it into practice to convert it into a new habit

30+ hours of practice:
  • 3 weeks
  • 90 minutes of focused work every day
  • 15 sessions with your mentor, each session is 30 min long
  • 2 basic and two custom topics
Who is your mentor?
Dmitry Tsepelev
Founder at Hyperfocus / Ex. Yandex
  • 6 years in product management and building products from scratch.
  • Managed Yandex.Kassa with 7 product teams.
  • Have been studying neuroscience and consulting experts for the last two years in order to understand what is focus and how to fix it.
  • Have conducted 100+ experiments with various tools to consistently focus on difficult tasks every day.
  • Provided coaching to product managers from Miro, Intuit, Booking, Wise, Yandex, CIAN, МTS.
Pricing for ProductDo students
3 weeks
90 minutes of focus every day
15 one-on-one sessions with your mentor
Each session is 30 min long
$299 $259 per week
Here's how payment works at Hyperfocus

→ Talk to the mentor to choose the starting date and ask questions.
→ Start training.
→ After the first week, make your first payment. If Hyperfocus does not work for you, you can opt-out without payment during the first week.
→ Keep training, and pay at the end of each week.
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